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Your barbershop appointment calendar

Track online bookings, walk-ins and staff schedules, all from one place.

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Your online barbershop calendar gives you a real-time view of what’s happening. Book and edit appointments, save time for walk-ins and manage your team’s schedules. By customizing your services, booking rules and color-coding different events, your shop’s organization reaches all-new heights.

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  • It’s automatic

    Book a new appointment in just a few clicks and the service provider and client get instant email confirmations.

  • Customize the look

    Color-code and label different services and events for a simple birdseye view of cuts, shaves, team training, business meetings and more.

  • Set your rules

    Specify your barbers’ individual working hours and services. Assigning appointments becomes so much faster.

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seamless barber scheduling system

Stay organized 24/7. A calendar app for barbers to schedule appointments keeps your shop running right.

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FAQs about your barber appointment book app

  • Yes, a barber online appointment calendar and Booking Page come free with your INCH account. Get started here.

  • Yes, your INCH calendar is visible only to you and team members you select. Your online Booking Page is visible to anyone with the link. It shows clients your appointment availability.

  • As an account admin, you’re able to create team profiles. Each team profile has a unique calendar and booking link. All team calendars can be seen and managed in your admin calendar.

    View our plans and sign up for your barbershop appointment software.

  • In your INCH web app, head to ‘Integrations’. Enable the Square or Stripe payment integration and you’ll see an option to take payment when booking using your calendar. These integrations also enable you to accept prepayments through your Booking Page.

    Learn more about taking payments using your calendar app for barber appointments.

  • Yes, you can connect your INCH online barber calendar to Google, Apple and Microsoft calendars. Your appointment availability will take all events into account.

  • Yes, INCH is an all-in-one online barber appointment book. Any details collected through your app or Booking Page are stored in individual profiles. These update automatically when clients schedule appointments and edit their contact details. You can also make changes manually, e.g. by including notes on preferred products.

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