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Craft your barber online Booking Page

Enable your clients to book barbershop appointments 24/7.

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Tidy and trim while bookings roll in

Personalize your barbershop’s online Booking Page and let clients set appointments independently. There’s no need to call or visit to find out when you’re available. Clients can view your shop’s services, pick a barber and time slot, and confirm an appointment right away. The new booking appears in your INCH calendar and you get an instant email notification. Sorted.

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  • Get booked and paid in advance

    Share your availability online and let clients select and confirm an appointment slot. You can even request payment ahead of time to boost commitment.

  • Your shop, your rules

    List all of your services and specify durations and costs. You can set how far in advance you take bookings, reserve time for cleanup and admin, and more.

  • Showcase your brand

    Customize your Booking Page with a logo, photos, gold-standard reviews and an Instagram stream. Highlighting your expertise brings in the clients.

Share your Booking Page and

fill your calendar faster

Enhance your Booking Page with an Instagram stream, photos of your achievements and striking reviews. Potential clients get a solid impression of the experience you offer.

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FAQs about your barber appointment booking app

  • Yes, an online Booking Page comes free with every INCH account. Sign up for your barbershop booking app here.

  • Your INCH calendar can only be seen by you and team members you grant permission. Your barbershop Booking Page is client-facing.

    When a client books an appointment using your Booking Page, the details appear in your INCH calendar right away. When you book an appointment using your calendar, that time is no longer available on your Booking Page. Both features work in sync.

  • Yes, open your INCH web app and head to Settings > Booking Page. You can update your online barber Booking Page URL to include, for example, your business name. Connect your Booking Page to your existing website and/or use it as a standalone barber booking website.

  • Yes, simply create team profiles in your account. Each team profile comes with an INCH calendar and individual booking link. Clients can choose a barber and view their appointment availability on your shop’s Booking Page.

    View our plans and sign up for your online barber booking app.

  • Open your INCH web app and click ‘Integrations’. Enable the payment integration of your choice – Square, Stripe or PayPal. Next, head to Settings > Payments. Switch on ‘Booking Page payments’ and use the dropdown to specify whether prepayments are mandatory or optional.

    Learn more about payment integrations for your barbershop booking software.

  • Yes, when you collect client details through your Booking Page or app, they’re stored in individual client profiles. You can use these to review contact information, product preferences, bookings and payments, average spend and more.

  • Yes, you can display a custom T&Cs pop-up on your barber Booking Page. Clients must acknowledge that they have read before continuing to schedule an appointment. Head to Settings > Booking Page > Pop-ups to start.

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